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Welcome to 2016

My 2015 Was Very Blessed

 I continued to teach Reiki and explore the mystical aspects of it on deeper and deeper levels. I am now qualified as a psychic-medium and give readings out of Enniskeane and Ballincollig. A reading consists of an angel and tarot reading followed by messages from the spirits who are with you. I also can go to your house to do so if you have a group of 3 or more. It makes for a very pleasant evening.

 I am teaching three new workshops this year.

 1: Become the mind of God

 God is an infinite Creator. Every day when we look around us we see His creativity everywhere. We are one with God. Our spirit and his spirit are one. So how is it then that we cannot create like God? A wonderful teacher called Jo Dispenza has all the answers. I have just come back from Regent’s college London where I studied with him armed with all his wonderful teachings. This is a man who healed not one but twelve fractures in his spine with the power of his mind.

He has a group of scientists working with him and has healed Parkinson disease, and he has had people in wheelchairs suffering from MS get up and walk in his workshops.

 How does he accomplish this? Well exactly the same way you can accomplish anything. You simply align your mind with the mind of God.  Do not miss this workshop to find out the why and how of doing this.

 2:Unconditional Love and Freedom Workshop

Through loving ourselves and others unconditionally we create a Heaven here on earth. We all know that. However how do you do that?

The answer is in loving ourselves enough to not allow anyone or anything deviate us from our only intention. The question is how do we love ourselves that much? The Dali Lama thinks the biggest problem in the West is self hate. Join me in this workshop to learn how to stop this.

The answer is in educating ourselves to love no matter what. In this age of information ignorance is a choice. Let me show you how to be kind to you.

 3:Trance Workshop

Some of the greatest discoveries in the world have been made by people while they are half asleep! This is when the brain is in a wavelength known as alpha which is between 8-16Hz/sec. It is also the state where children live between 6 and 12 years of age. In order to put themselves  into this brain wavelength Einstein and Churchill used to take frequent cat naps. Carol Jung used to walk up and down a beach in silence for days, Eckart Tolle sat on a bench beside the river Thames for years and Bryon Katy locked herself into the attic for weeks! Of course Dr. Usui sat on a mountain for 21 days.

Learn how to go into trance and bring back information that assists you and others in this workshop.

 Thank you for all your love and support in 2015 and best wishes for 2016. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

                                                                    Love Teresa