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Schedule 2017

                       Anticipated Schedule for 2017 Workshops              

Reiki 2                                                                                      March 5th

Become the Mind of God                                                     March 6th

Reiki 1                                                                                     March 12th

Reiki 4: Intuitive Healing Workshop                                    March 18th

Trance Workshop                                                                  March 19th


Saints Workshop                                                                    April 1st

Reiki 2                                                                                      April 2nd

Reiki Master’s                                                                         April 22nd

Bealtine Ceremony                                                                 April 29th


Crystal Workshop                                                                      May 6th

Becoming the Mind of God                                                      May 13th

Tarot 1                                                                                        May 20th

Tarot 2                                                                                        May 27th


Reiki 1                                                                                           June 11th

Sacred Sites Summer Solistice Tour                                        June 17th&18th


Angel Reading Workshop                                                            July 1st

Reiki 2                                                                                             July 8th

Mediumship Workshop                                                               July 15th

Becoming the Mind of God                                                         July 22nd

Lughnasa Workshop                                                                    July 29th


Reiki Masters                                                                                August 12th