I spent considerable time exploring ways of empowering my spirit and shaking off the dust of emotional and mental toxins from my spirit so it could shine out its light.

This enhanced my life and those around me. I used chanting, meditation, prayer, ceremony and visualisation to achieve this. I have already given 3 workshops to celebrate endings and sow the seeds of new beginnings since Christmas.

The participants have loved them and taken away the tools to use in their own lives. Here the company of Green Tara and Brigid and Gobnait students learned to open up those chakrass and get the life force firing through.

There was a Bealtine ceremony April 29th to strengthen the flow of the life force flow between the chakrass, followed by a Lughnasa ceremony in August to collect the fruits of your work and finally a Samhain ceremony in November to learn to rest and release.

I will also teach the usual Reiki courses and of course I will keep up the Reiki sharing nights.

So if you need a small boost or a big boost there should be something here for you.

Love Teresa

Samhain Celebration

This is the final of our Celtic celebrations. Traditionally the end of Oct in the Celtic calendar marked the end of the calendar and the end of the year. We have all noticed flowers and buds appearing in December and so despite the shortness of the days December was considered Spring time. We will celebrate the end of our Celtic year with chant, purification, fire, and  stories, meditation and of course through reconnecting with the Mother Earth.This celebratory day will take place at my home Green Tara from 10-5 and costs €80

Love Teresa