Events and Training Days

Events and Training Days 2019

Workshops: January to June 2019

January 12th Reiki 2

This makes the Reiki four times stronger than Reiki 1 and allows you to do Long Distance Reiki. It also allows you to charge a fee for reiki.
This is like getting the remote control of life!

January 19th Reiki 1.

Reiki will allow you to take energy from the air and put it into yourself, other people,plants or animals.
This energy relaxes, heals ,and soothes the recipient. It of course energies also.

January 26th Manifestation-Creation Workshop

The luckier you get,the luckier you get.
Where does luck live?
Find out when you join me on January 26th.
Learn how to program an incredible life!

February 2nd Cleansing the Pineal Gland 

Since Egyptian times mankind has been aware that you are as healthy as your Pineal gland.
Modern toxins such as fluoride in the water choke this gland.
Today we will unblock it.
The Pineal gland controls your life. If its toxic so are you.
February 9th Reiki 1

February 16th Tarot 1

I have been reading Tarot since 1984.

There is no better way of awakening your intuitive ability than with Tarot.
Learn this 5000 year old skill.

February 23rd Inner Peace

Who or what presses your buttons?
More importantly why do you give them the controls of your enjoyment of life?
Learn to take these controls back and live a life of bliss and harmony.

March 2nd Tarot 2

Today we will work with the Major Arcana Tarot cards.

March 8th Learning Medium ship

The spirits of our beloved are all around us and constantly seeking to communicate with us. Today learn how to communicate with the world of spirit.

March 16th The Goddess’s of Ireland.

The town land I live in is called Farranmareen, which means Maureen’s piece of land. No one knows who Maureen is. Over the road from me is Sliabhowen. Everyone knows who Owen is. Women are so easily forgotten in Ireland.
Spend a day familiarizing yourself with the Irish Goddess’s and how to integrate them into your life.

March 30th Reiki 2

April 6th Reiki 1

April 13th Reiki Masters

This is the third level of Reiki.
It makes the Reiki 40 times stronger than Reiki 1 and allows you to teach Reiki. It also empowers your spirit and makes it more active in your life.

April 20th How to overcome self sabotage 

Guess what? We all do self sabotage really well. Just when things are going really well, we blow it. There are many reasons why we do this. Join me in discovering why we do it and how to avoid this self destruction.

April 27th Intuitive Reiki

This is the fourth level of Reiki. Following the Reiki Master’s Course there are further ways of channeling even more energy to get faster results. This day also shows you how to interpret intuitive feedback from the Reiki energy.
This is a must workshop for all Reiki Masters.

May 4th Bealtine tour

This is when traditionally seeds are planted for harvesting in our lives.
Now we will go to traditional Bealtine sites on Munster and prepare ourselves for a Summer of creativity.

May 11th Communing with the elements

The four elements of life are earth, water, air and fire.
Learn how to assimilate the power of those elements into our lives.

May 18th/ 19th Residential Fasting Week-end

Time to clear the body out of physical toxins and support mental clarity and inner peace.
Fasting takes will power and doing it as a shared experience in a supportive environment takes much of the struggle out of it.
We will fill our time with breathing exercises, meditation, short walks, and exchange healings.
May 25th 3500 years of Karma

The Mayans believed every 3500 years a new cycle of life started on the planet and of course the old one died away.
Presently we are right in the middle of the ending and about to step into the new one.Traditionally this time of transition has been precarious for the earth and its inhabitants.
No one understands now the forces working on the planet. We all feel however something big is happening.
Learn today what is important to know and how to handle the influences being exerted on you.

June 1st Communing with Saints

Saints are people who walked the earth and developed their spirit to an extra ordinary level of power. They are available to us today on 2 levels. Firstly they can directly assist us. Secondly they can empower our spirit. The reason we incarnate into human bodies is to grow our spirit.
With the help of the Saints grow yours today.

June 8th Angel Day

Angels are spiritual beings who never incarnated into humans.Each one of us has an angel to protect us. There are angels to protect places as well as people. Every blade of grass and every living being is protected by an angel.
Spend a day with your angel, after all they spend every day with you.

June 15th Relationship Day

We are now at almost the longest day of the year. We are also at the most sociable time of the year when we are relating to our loved ones, friends and family. Lets make this a positive and loving experience for all concerned.
Join with me in learning how to get on with everybody.

June 22nd Summer Solstice

Lets check out Newgrange, Loughcrew and Tara in Co. Meath

June 29th Sacred Sites of Sligo

Queen Maeve resides here as well as the largest collection of neolithic monuments in Ireland. Get up early today.