Reiki Workshops

Reiki 1

There is an infinite sea of energy all around us. In Reiki 1 you learn to channel this energy into yourself, other people, plants and animals. This energy has a healing relaxing effect. It reduces stress and promotes a feeling of wellbeing and connection with life. It boosts self esteem and confidence. People generally feel better able to cope with life after taking Reiki 1R

Reiki 2

This is one of Gods greatest gift to us. In this workshop you receive the power to energetically change your experience of reality by sending energy to anything or anyone you want. The beauty of this workshop is that it transcends time and place. This is the workshop that more than any other workshop puts you in the driving seat of life. It allows you not only to send energy to people but also circumstances, both past and future.

Reiki 3-Masters Reiki

Becoming a Reiki Master is an incredible experience. It first of all gives an amazing connection to the Divine in all its manifestations. It allows the student to initiate others into Reiki. It also strengthens the Reiki channels, so the student’s whole life becomes a channel for divine healing. This is the most spiritual of the workshops.

Intuitive Reiki- Reiki 4

This weekend we explore the mystical intuitive aspects of Reiki. Students are given an additional Tibetan Masters attunement and taught more efficient and effective ways of using Reiki. Considerable time is given to exploring the intuitive senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, automatic writing, and Clair sentience. Other mystical occurrences which arise as a result of channelling Reiki are also discussed.

Reiki 5- Spiritual Healing

This workshop shows how to combine Reiki with angel healing and physic surgery to get the fastest possible results. It also covers a new form of healing called plasma healing, which has just been downloaded to me from spirit. While the soul is infinite, the body is finite. Time is not something that most diseases allow for. This workshop is all about getting to the disease by the root and working at that level.

 Lapsed Reiki Practitioners Day

This will be scheduled to suit the need of the participants.

Many of my students call themselves “lapsed” they really mean they have not consciously used Reiki for sometime. This is a day to make up for that lost time. Learn to reconnect with Reiki

Empowerment Workshop

This is even more detailed than the Secret. After all, if all the information was in there, the world would not be in recession now! In this workshop we work with 12 of the main ways of living an empowered life and so fulfil our potential. The secret between success and failure is knowledge. I provide plenty of that in this workshop.

The Meaning of 2015

The energy of each year varies. Working in disharmony with universal energy we create strife.  There is a science to the times we are in. Without understanding this science life is a battle. Join me for one day to understand what is happening personally and universally now and how to navigate your way to a golden life of peace.

7 Steps to Inner Peace

Inner peace is the secret to living successfully and happily.  It is something that has to be learned and then cultivated. Learn the planting, cultivation and harvesting of inner peace today. During this day we will discuss what the components of peace are and practice these components. We will also explore the robbers of peace.

Creative Writing Workshop

There is a book inside of you. There are stories that are bursting to be told. Spent a weekend with me and learn how to get the spirit within you onto paper.

Anyone can do it! You just need to know how. The biggest surprise is that not only is it easy, but also great fun.

Cancer and Chronic Illness Retreat

Spend three days in a loving supportive atmosphere, learning to deal with illness and pain. This workshop will be designed to meet the needs of the participants.