Summer Solstice Tour

Summer Solstice Tour

First we go to Limerick to visit the home of Aine, the goddess of fertility and abundance.

She resides at Knockaney and Lough Gur.  We all need her blessing right now! We then visit Ireland’s largest stone circle at Grange. Next we visit in Tipperary, a site associated with the Goddess Tara on the farm of Tom Coffee.

This site was top secret from the 12th century with the Royal Family of Great Britain having a secret lodge on the site. Tom will answer questions such as why:

The site was clouded in secrecy?

Is the harp the symbol of Ireland?

Where did Tara come from?

Where is the dragon in Ireland?

What are the 23 sacred trees of Ireland and where are they all together?

On the Sunday we start with Gobnait in Ballyvourney. Since the 5th century we have been visiting constantly this Goddess/saint, who was inspired by Archangel Gabriel to come to this healing place. It has five different aspects of the Divine Mother on one site making it unique in the world. Here we receive healing from Gobnait and fertility from Sile.


Lough Hyne means the lake of the cauldron and is home to the well of the eye. Here we reconnect with the the energy of the healer and the seer.

Finally we visit Bonagh stone circle-the circle of the cow in Reenascreena. This circle is unique in having a dolmen right beside it. What a marvelous celebration of summer!